Well, hello

22 12 2008

This is different.  And who’d-a-thought : the ” drej ” handle was already taken 🙂 Like some, not sure if this will be a temporary home or not.

I was never the most prolific of bloggers at JS, but the sense of community was hard to beat.

So, I guess, Merry Christmas everyone. Things are hot and humid here in Broome this time of year. We even have a cyclone headed our way, which could make for an interesting Christmas to say the least.  And if it does, we are well prepared : plenty of beer in the fridge and a new camcorder, early present for the wife, to capture all  the excitement on.

Better see if the ol’ YouTube embedding works the same on here I guess… so in keeping with the festive season spirit, O Come All Ye Faithful, with a twist.




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22 12 2008

Kimberly, I’ve got you set.

On the Outer Marches

22 12 2008

Thanks Murph.
I probably should mention : the “Kimberley” is the region of NW Aus I live in. Not my name. Just saying… 🙂

22 12 2008

The JS community was it’s strength, we are all sooooo aware of it’s weakness.

22 12 2008

Marc, wet enough for you up there at the mo?

Billy liked the Kimberly so much he’s come back for seconds!! stay safe.

22 12 2008

Hey there Hi there HO HO HO!!!

23 12 2008

We’ll get you linked up, then.

Ahh-nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a dose of Twisted Sister!

23 12 2008

Howdy fellow refugee.

See Billy is still hanging around.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

23 12 2008

Bangar, agreed, heres hoping they get their act together.
Chaz, today was our first day of rain this wet, and actually, very welcome. Until it shorted out our lights this evening anyway.
Hey karada, good to see you here!
YD, yeah, thats what I thought.
BigBadAl, Welcome, and thank you! Another one to add to the list. Cyclone billy seems to be headed away, but the season is young.

23 12 2008

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

23 12 2008

have a good one Drej, stay coooool

23 12 2008

I always knew you could sing O Come All Ye Faithful at the same time as We’re Not Gonna Take IT! Frackin’ Fabulous! Can’t wait to see the inevitable storms in the Kimberley. Cheers Drej.

24 12 2008

Drej hope its not too wet now! Anyway mate have a good one

28 12 2008

G’day drej.

31 12 2008

Happy new year, drej.

31 12 2008

All the best for ’09 drej.

1 01 2009
Moko 2.0

Hey Kim. lololololololololololololol

3 01 2009

I don’t know Drej, in those heels & that eyeliner you could probably pass as a Kimberly.
How’s your showtunes?

Good to see you again, hope the beers cold & the company is good as the storms roll through.

5 01 2009


Happy New Year!!!
Such a shame about JS!
Thanks for providing me a with a good laugh re: O Come All Ye Faithful. You have a great sense of humour:)

Warmest regards,

5 01 2009

Hey SG Good to see you here!
Do let us know if you’re blogging somewhere else ?
And all the best for 09 !

5 01 2009

Way cool vid, dude!

6 01 2009
Guru Bob

happy new year and all that…

7 01 2009

I need your email there dear so I can add you to the back stage pass at my new place

8 01 2009

Cheers Paul, thanks for the visit.
Likewise GB, same to you !
Hey Lori, hook me up….

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