24 01 2009

I used to not like the rain.

Half the reason I moved from NZ to WA was in fact the rain, and the fact that Auckland got far too much of it. In the last winter I spent there, I rode a motorbike every day, and I noticed that it in fact rained every single day in July. You tend to notice stuff like that on a bike.

Now, in the tropics, its not unusual to go 8 months or more of the year without a drop. Thats the Kimberley dry season for you, and the reason why the place packs out with hoardes of terrorists tourists every “winter”. While the rest of the country is freezing its collective buns off, we’re enjoying cloudless days and balmy nights.

Now, we are in the wet season. The place is almost deserted. Although its called the wet, we actually get very little rain in Broome. You may see thunderclouds on the weather map every night, but remember, the Kimberley is a vast region, bigger than Europe. So while its getting lots of rain overall, Broome seems to be mostly just hot, sticky, humid and generally uncomfortable unless you’re in the aircon or a (chilled) pool. Yep, even the sea is too warm to swim in.

So when we do get a good downpour, its always somewhat of a novelty. You see kids playing in the streets, even adults don’t mind getting out in it. And as the saying goes, when it does rain, it pours!

The ground, baked hard from the long dry, soaks up none of it, and the roads and drains are quickly overloaded. I took these yesterday on the Iphone, as I watched the town deluged in a mid afternoon shower.

I reckon this guys testing the electronics in his car. So far so good……


And this one is right outside Chinatown, the “main drag” in Broome. Waters over the kerb here, had to take my shoes off just to get out of the car!





14 responses

25 01 2009

Cool. You should post more shots dude. What got you to end up in Broome from Un Zud?.

25 01 2009

Thanks mate.
Had to get away from the inlaws…. nah, just kidding!
Spent a few years in Perth first, but came up here to kick back, get away from the rat race for a bit. Gave ourselves 6 months. Fell into work and here we are, 5 years later. Won’t be permanent, but for now, its working.

25 01 2009

Famous last words. lol

26 01 2009

You’re a lucky fellow. That could be snow.

27 01 2009

So you’ve only had a sprinkling then mate?

Hvaing been in FNQ during the Wet i know what it’s like.

27 01 2009

YD, I don’t mind snow, everything in moderation, though I guess weeks of it non-stop would be too much ๐Ÿ™‚
Chaz, yep, usually as quick as it starts, its over.

30 01 2009

Do they make any attempt to store the water? We certainly could with the rain over here.

30 01 2009

Bangar, along with the NT and north Qld we are the only areas in the country that aren’t running dry (and Tas maybe?).
There is talk of a canal or pipeline to get it from the Fitzroy river here down to Perth, but its been going on a long time, its a very divisive issue.

30 01 2009
Nowhere Bob

Drej, “its a very divisive issue.”
And a pipe dream. Quite apart fro the ecological issues, the $ don’t add up.
I heard Bob Carr on the radio a while back talking about it. It will cost X$/meg to pipe it that far south. Desal costs about 1/3 X per meg. It’ll never happen.

Strikes me as a straw man – a policy just put up to be sacrificed at some future point.

30 01 2009

Hi Bob. Pipe Dream, I like it ! I think you’re right. The libs promised at the election before last that they’d put in a canal if they got in. Nobody here was too surprised when they lost.
Now they are back in, but our now-premier Colin Barnett seems to have shelved the idea. As you say, the cost would have been exorbitant, not to mention years of battling red tape to get it past all the native title considerations along the way.

30 01 2009

Why not put it to work (the water) and use it in situ to add value? Do we grow much food up there?

2 02 2009

We should be recylcing water down here not bloody pumping it thousands of clicks.

I just don’t undertsand why recycling water is such a divisive issue.

2 02 2009

Abe, only small scale agriculture up here, a few mango farms etc. There should be more, you’re right. Over in the East Kimberley is a different story, where the mighty Ord River irrigation scheme is a massive enterprise.
Chaz, yep, works for much of the rest of the world, don’t know what makes the aussie palette so precious ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 02 2009

I can tell ya why chaz. IF, and thats now reallly a moot point, the GUMMIT had done like the fuckers should have and PLANNED for Growth and maybe a NOT SO FUCKING RAINY day, our dams ( yes new ones built as well) would be suffecient. NOW, we get to have fuck all water, fuck all electriciaty and a DESAL plant in three fucking years that will consume electricty we do not have now, let alone in three years time. RANT OVER.

Mate, would be out onto the fisrt strip of dirt ( mud actually) I could find, UTE into 4WD HIGH and go bat shit crazy. CIRCLE WORK ANYBODY!

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