17 02 2009

It occurs to me that I am not blogging much of late, not that I ever was the most vociferous, but essentially, I find my posts pretty damn boring and therefore, I am sure, so would any one else. My last entry was about the rain ffs 😉

So this one will be short, not a lot of news.  On the fitness front, I am 2 weeks & 2 days into my 12 week challenge. It hurts. Worst part is getting up a 0630 every morning for cardio, a half hour bike ride on the new 2nd hand bike. The weight sessions I don’t mind, and even the diet is not as bad as I anticipated. In fact, it seems I’m eating more than ever sometimes, due to the fact that I’m now on 5 -6 reasonably regular meals a day, with decent serves of protein and carbs in each to maintain energy levels and sustain an elevated metabolism. Biggest change here is NO junk food, ie pizzas, pies, and all other good stuff. And no beer! Well, I have allowed myself one cheat meal a week, which basically means I get to have a beer on Friday nights.

First Friday night, my self-set allowance of 3 turned into 9.  Oooh, yes, not happy the next morning. Not the worst hangover I’ve ever had, but one of the more unwelcome.  Last Friday I managed to keep it down to 4, which seemed just enough. Who’d a thunk it ?  But, I think I can stick with it, and having a Friday “treat night”  does give some small inspiration to get through the week.  But, yeah, its still hard, especially around Monday night I find. Still, no sacrifice, no victory or something like that, right?

Next week we’re off to NZ for a week or so. Originally, this was mainly to catch up with the old man, but as that won’t be possible now, its a good chance to have a break and escape the weather up here.  Flying into Christchurch for a few days where I’ll get to show the girls where I grew up went to school etc, before hiring a car and heading up the north of the South Island to indulge in some welcome r&r around the Marlborough Sounds. Photos sure to follow. Although, the Plan will still be in effect, so will be looking for accomodation featuring or close to a gym, where possible, and trying to maintain the healthy eating bit. Wish me luck with that.

So to close, please enjoy some classic Iron Maiden. Stranger in a Strange Land. Why ? Just because…




4 responses

17 02 2009

Nice one on the exercise. If you’re only doing it one night a week does it really matter?. It only beer, after all.

I enjoyed your rain post. o_O

Looking forward to the Un Zud one, have a great trip, fly carefully.

18 02 2009

Have a great trip. You know some one will have to cover the gap you’re putting in the National Average Consumption? Mind if I volunteer before the line gets to long?

18 02 2009

Moko – Thanks mate. You know, the calories in 2 beers = about the same as what a normal meal should be ? Hmm, I guess that explains the beer gut lol.
Hey, I thought your comment might have been about the clip, ie, soundtrack to your blog ? 😉
Bangar, go for it, knew I could count on you… (warning: its a big gap!)

19 02 2009

I’ll man up for it, I’ve got sorrows to drown.

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