Snakes on a Plane

27 03 2009

Of the trousered variety. 😉

Did anyone else see this story ?

Seems 37 yr old Grammy winner Elvis (*sigh*) Crespo just couldn’t help himself mid flight from Houston to Miami, and thought he’d preview some Mile High Club  action (solo division) in plain view of other passengers. With an ensuing investigation from none other than the FBI, poor Elvis must be rueing the moment some wholesome hostie turned his sordid mind t’wards Mrs Palmer.

Gotta love stories like this. Hope for his sake the judge sees the funny side, but dude : the ” I don’t recall doing that” line is wearing rather thin these days.




7 responses

27 03 2009

I recall reading a similar happening on a Virgin Blue flight recently. Walking into the dunny with no shoes on is bad enough, what next! I just walk past and say so they can hear ‘ we charge for drycleaning the blankets you know!’ :p

27 03 2009

Does it count if you’re on your own?.

28 03 2009

Tray, thats another reason not to fly DJ 😉
Moko, I’d say Not.

29 03 2009


4 04 2009

I… didn’t know you can get in trouble for doing that sort of thing. Wow. Am I glad I found out now instead of later!

18 04 2009

The Ostrich defense should be an immediate guilty verdict.

19 04 2009
simon bedak

fuck, i didn’t know you were really elvis crepco

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