Still here…

6 07 2009

Hey there, still here, busy busy but finally a day off and hopefully a chance to avoid this blogs’ stats completely flatlining on me haha.

So at the moment in Broome the school holidays have begun, marking the start of the peak tourist season here. The weather is the drawcard, clear skies and sunshine now the extended forecast through to Christmas. Both myself and the better half work in travel, so this is our busiest time of the year.

And, most auspicious occasion of all…my now-not-so-little girls have just turned 10!! Man, double digits, funny how you think back to when it was all such a big deal and smile.

Thankfully, the better half didn’t go with last years plan which involved their whole class of 28 kids at our place for a party – this year it was just 7 friends and the two of them off to the movies to see that great tween epic : The Hannah Montana movie ! And even more thankfully, it meant I got to sit that one out, a blissful 2 hours of peace during which I had only a minor novel-length list of chores to do…

The girls had a great time, especially as the wife organised a genuine stretched limo to pick them all up and ferry them around town before dropping them at the theatre. You can just imagine what the shoppers in town on Saturday morning made of a low slung stretched HSV Grange cruising up the main drag (twice) with the windows down, stereo pumping and 9 blonde Hannah Montana wig-wearing schoolgirls giggling and screaming and waving to everyone….like I said, Very Thankful I got to sit that one out 🙂


Busy days in the drej household also. We have houseguests over the next few weeks, one the bro-in-law whos crashing here for a few weeks while hes doing some work for the better half. Then on Wednesday, my mate John arrives from the UK via NZ. Johns an old mate from Auckland days, and a commercial pilot who hasn’t had a lot of flying work in the UK the last few years. I’ve been telling him for years to come here wheres he sure to pick something up.  So he’ll be staying with us till he gets work and his own place.

Hopefully that will be within a month, cos thats when another John arrives, a mate from Perth and his wife. They are staying a week with us, which I’ll take off work and I guess we’ll be doing all the touristy stuff then including a big day (again with the limo) when we all do the Broome Cup (horse races) together. Actually, all 3 houseguests are Johns, so I hope it doesn’t get too (more) confusing around here.

So now, I have a day off, the last for a couple of weeks, and the missus has the rest of the school holidays at home with the girls. My first chance in a while to check out some blogs and update this one. Am pondering moving to Blogger – most of the blogs I read on there seem simpler (in a good way) and some of the features seem at a glance more user friendly. This is inline with a plan to begin posting a bit more regularly to keep up the writing practice and – hooopefully –  start on the book that I’ve talked about for years but never started.

We’ll see how that turns out I guess. Hope you’re all well.





8 responses

6 07 2009

Yeah wow, dodged a bullet there dude. Sounds like they had fun though.

Blogger’s alright. Fairly basic. Easy to use.

Sounds like you’ll be glad when the busy time is over. lol.

6 07 2009

Mate, yeah, I try to keep them balanced, took ’em to Transformers2 last week lol.
You do enjoy the busy days while they last, but yes, you do enjoy when they’re over too.

7 07 2009
Dr Yobbo

How the hell do you do circlework in a thirty foot long HSV Grange?

Blogger’s alright, everything seems to work well.

7 07 2009

Doc, I dunno but it’d be damn fun to try.

10 07 2009

It’s raining down here today and yesterday and over the weekend 😦

Glad you haven’t completely fallen off the planet.

31 07 2009

Oh GAWD I’d rather eat razor blades than see a Hannah Montana movie!

6 08 2009

OMFG, now that would be wicked.. HSV garnge and doeys..OH YES, it would need the sunroof to stand up in of course!. Mate good to see all is still well. Even better that you are not braggin about the great weathr up there or the FUCKIN FANTASTIC

15 08 2009

Thanks all. New post pending. H, forecast till Christmas : no rain, 30 deg, cloudless skies, getting slightly warmer….. 🙂

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