Race Week

15 08 2009

One of the bigger weeks on the Broome calendar is the last of the local Horse Racing round, featuring a popular Ladies Day on the Wednesday and the grand Broome Cup on the Saturday.

Not really a race fan as such (petrol-driven options excepted), its always a good day out, even the kids enjoy dressing up and seeing the horses. This year we did it in style, again with the limo from the last post to transport all 10 of us, most up from Perth on holiday or recently arrived and going to their first “Cup”.

The better half as always excelled herself with the organisational side of things. Limo to the gate, bypass the queue thanks to picking the tickets up 2 hours earlier. She’d even paid off a mate of a mate to hold a table for us all, great view of the track and stage and handy to the bar.

Had a great day, caught up with a heap of folks and a fine time was had by all. The limo again for the ride home , bypassing another looong queue for taxis .

This was the centrepiece of my week off work, with friends up from Perth to play tourguide to. Great opportunity to play tourist myself and enjoy some time off in the middle of the perfect and popular dry season. At the end of it now, and with a strangely quiet house temporarily bereft of guests, this is my first real time online in over a week.

Broome Cup 2009


Which horse owes me $40 ?




3 responses

16 08 2009

A day at the races, is a good day out. Didn’t make it to the Healesville races this summer have to do it next summer.

16 08 2009

Good fun.

16 08 2009

Boys, thanks, its not quite Flemington but definitely worth doing.

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