Fush n’Chups trumps Sex n’ Seedny

12 10 2009

Knew it all along of course, but now its official, the enzed (NZ) accent has been voted as “the most attractive and prestigious” form of the English language, outside of the UK in a BBC survey.


Thats right, a whole six points ahead of the Aussies, one ahead of even the Queens own version, and 8 ahead of the yanks dismal effort.

Of course, we kiwis (even us ex-pat ones) have known all along that our refined dulcet tones, if not right up there with the best, were at least well ahead of our antipodean cuzzies, but its certainly nice to see in print confirmation of our high status in the ranks of “social aceptability” and prestige 🙂




7 responses

12 10 2009

Get outta here! You all sound alike to me.

One wonders which version of US English was used in the rating: South? Midwest? Spanglish? New York/New Jersey? New England?

I’d bet you Australians and New Zees can tell which part of the country you’re from just on accents, but I can’t tell it.

And no love for the South Africans? That accent to me sounds a bit like Australia/New Zealand mixed with a hint of German (which I suppose it is).

12 10 2009

No accounting for taste I suppose 😉

12 10 2009

Yeah, no surprises here. lol

12 10 2009

YD, yeah there is some variation in dialect between certain states in Aus, not that I can usually pick them though, and certainly not as much as to be found in the US. As for Sth Africas, well the NZ Herald didn’t mention them, bit of a sore point over there I suspect, safas being the current rugby world cup holders and all…
Bangar, who am I to argue with the BBC?
Moko, knew I could count on you to appreciate this one 😉

13 10 2009
Dr Yobbo

How? Who? Why? Did they actually listen to it first?

Actually the NZ accent is getting kinda squashed, media voices (TV newsreaders and the like) sound mid-Tasman (like an Australasian version of the ‘mid Atlantic’ hybrid between Pom and Seppo accents). When you hear an actual, full-blown NZ accent on TV it’s a surprising and remarkable thing.

There’s a girl in our lab who’s from Invercargill – has the proper Southland accent with the rolling R’s (eg nurrrse, girrrrl.) Thought that was an urban myth!

28 12 2009

I habitually confuse the NZ accent with that of South Africans. I have no idea why and, truth be told, I wish I could tell the difference so as to avoid the social awkwardness that always stems from the mistake in judgment. You people can be SO touchy.

29 12 2009

Paul, apart from them being cheating safa wankers when it comes to rugby, we bear the Sth Africans no ill-will at all.
If you had confused us with the Aussies however, well, lets just say they there could be bloodshed…

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