Happy New Year 2010

2 01 2010

The year we make contact, at least according to Arthur C Clarke.

Yes, it has been a while, but ‘twould be remiss of me not to wish all the very best for 2010, and to thank all who’ve visited these pages over the last year for your time and comments. All much appreciated – I’m just lucky so many of you are far more industrious than I on the wordage front!

2009 was a fun year for the drej household – early highlights included an overdue trip back home, holidaying on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and even briefly meeting 3 of the ‘burgers finally in the flesh, Girlclumsy, Moko & Uamada at the excellent ‘Felafel stage play.

Plenty of  mid year guests and visitors kept us busy entertaining over the dry season, and after years of telling my mate J to come out from the UK for flying work, he finally did, and has just landed full time work with one of the local airlines.

And it all culminated in that grand Broome seasonal tradition, preparing for an imminent cyclone, named  Lawrence this time around, which passed fortunately a little way down the coast but brought us our first deluge of the season days before Christmas.

First rain of the wet season

Yep, that’d be our back lawn under half a foot of water, as it sat for the couple of days when Lawrence was in the area.

Then before you know it, Christmas Day- spent this year relaxing  at home, big roast lunch and some relaxing ales with the family and J in the afternoon, finished off watching my new Star Trek blu-rays, present from the kids to the biggest kid.

New Years eve was spent with friends on the deck at home, filled the spa with cold water for the girls to play in, enjoyed a few cleansing ales and a BBQ – thankfully many of the neighbours were away as the better half decided to demonstrate to all and sundry her favourite Iron Maiden tracks some time after midnight before we all called it a night around 2am.

Having to work the next morning – not so good – leading to my first NY’s resolution to not drink any more this year excepting actual  “social” occasions at least. Seem to remember promising something vaguely similar last year, but with the big (shhh) 4-0 coming up end of this year, its a case of now-or-never I suspect.

So hears to you all, hope to catch up with more of you more regularly, maybe even meet (come to Broome!!)  and hope 2010’s a great one for all.




5 responses

2 01 2010

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours mate. Maybe one day we sit down and have a few.

2 01 2010

Mate, that sounds like a great idea! Am tentatively looking at getting over at the end of the year. All the best to you & Mrs M !

3 01 2010

And a good New Year to you as well. Sounds like a fine NY Eve was had by all.

That tropical-looking tree in the picture looks good right now-it’s right around 0 F here currently. And if your rain were snow, you’d have about 6 feet of the stuff in the yard.

9 01 2010

Thanks YD, the rain has disappeared for now and we are back up around 40C and steamy- about as far removed from your conditions as possible I think!
Wouldn’t mind some snow, had our first white Christmas in Whistler 2 years ago and loved it – everything in moderation I guess. All the best!

10 01 2010

A Happy New Year to you and yours Drej.
PS So far 40 is a breeze don’t sweat it.

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